We carry a wide range of test and certified high quality products, premium hardware and innovative equipment..


We carry a wide range of test and certified high quality products, premium hardware and innovative equipment.



Mining projects are a huge undertaking that require a large team of workers, along with a variety of specialized power tools and security equipment that help minimize health risks and maximize productivity and results. 

Toyolift has embraced the industry as one of the most important sectors and has designed, developed and manufactured a range of lifting and rigging products that enable the extraction of minerals and valuable geological substances from the earth, all in a meticulous manner and a controlled environment. 


For the Construction & Civil Engineering fields, we maintain a line of select products, hardware and construction materials that ensure our customers’ needs are continuously met efficiently, in a timely manner and in the safest of conditions.

We understand the delicate nature and the requirements of the sector and value its impact and influence. As such, our range features products that are optimally designed and ethically manufactured to facilitate the construction of projects and infrastructure such as buildings, roads and tunnels.


The Power industry has long been one of the most influential sectors across the globe. Responsible for tasks such as fuel transition and energy source development, the field leaves a direct impact on high-rated industries such as manufacturing, retail, real estate and commerce. 

At Toyolift, we offer a spectrum of tools, products, hardware and safety equipment that help in the smooth running of this influential field. Each of our products is carefully designed and deliberately manufactured to answer a specific need and cater to the sector.


Despite being a hazardous sector, the Petroleum industry’s value continues to prove indispensable to the world, contributing to the economic and social welfare of powerhouse countries across the four corners of the planet. 

Toyolift’s skilled and knowledgeable designers and manufacturers have long understood the importance of the Oil & Gas sector. We carry a line of select products, power hardware and security equipment that facilitate lifting and rigging services in the sector, maintaining safety and maximizing results and productivity in activities across the board. 


The Logistics industry is a complex and flourishing sector that carries a vast range of sub-sectors such as fleet management, warehousing, inventory management, goods distribution and packaging, among others. 

Toyolift’s team of skilled experts understand the industry and the sector’s needs in terms of lifting and rigging materials. As such, we have carefully designed and created a line of hardware and power tools that facilitate tasks and answer to the sector’s advanced demands.


The Transportation sector predominantly provides moving solutions and infrastructure developments that cater to a diverse group of people and clients. The industry’s welfare holds a direct chain connection to the welfare of a spectrum of other fields. 

Toyolift’s wide range of products include a selection of hardware and specialized equipment that serve the Transportation sector. Whether it’s air freight, air travel, marine transportation, subways and railroads, highways or infrastructure, our certified products are designed and manufactured with great care and detail to meet the industry’s needs. 


In the world of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, or FMCG, product and workforce safety is of the utmost importance in order to ensure a smooth and complete packaging to distribution process. 

Toyolift carries a large selection of lifting and rigging tools that facilitate the manufacture of products with a low shelf life and at a low cost. The equipment is specifically designed with the highest quality and care for optimal use, accommodating the needs of the industry and meeting the sector’s demands and expectations.